Holy Man Episode 40 – Hosea

Episode 40 April 12, 2023 00:34:18
Holy Man Episode 40 – Hosea
Holy Man Podcast
Holy Man Episode 40 – Hosea

Apr 12 2023 | 00:34:18


Hosted By

Paul Baughman

Show Notes

Life Group Questions – Hosea loves the unlovable

  1. If you have children, tell about a time when they disobeyed you, or a time when they broke your heart.
  2. Read Hosea 3. God calls Hosea to chase after his wife who has left him for another man.  How would you feel if your wife became a prostitute?  What are some idols we chase after? Talk about how God feels when we chase after idols or worldly things in our lives? 
  3. God loves us unconditionally. Now, discuss the emotions we face when we consider that God loves us even when we prostitute ourselves with other idols?  Notice in Ch 3, Hosea paid to get Gomer back.  Reflect on what the cross means to us.
  4. Read Hosea 14. After God shares the pain of our sin throughout the middle chapters of Hosea, what suggestions do we find in 14?  What blessings come our way if we walk with God?

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