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November 09, 2022 00:36:49
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Holy Man Podcast - Episode 30

Life Group Questions: Tell a recent story about a conversation where you should have gotten a pat on the back due to how good you communicated. Now tell a recent story about a conversation where you should have gotten a kick in the *** due to how bad you communicated.  What led up to those different conversations?  Paul in the podcast shared several ways our silence keeps us from a better life. (Not confessing sin to God; Not letting someone else know that they hurt you; dealing with conflict by bottling or stuffing it;  Not sharing the Gospel with someone;  Not speaking up when others are being hurt)  Which of those silent treatments are a struggle for you?  Why?  Read Colossians 4:2-6 Paul looked at verses 5 & 6 during the podcast.  In verses 2-4, what does Paul say is vital to us having grace filled, salty conversations with others?  What are some of the ways in which prayer can be so vital to our conversations?  With whom will you be having a conversation with that grace and salty will help that moment?  Why? The topics of this semester: Divisive, argumentative, complaining, retaliating, hasty, boasting, flattering, manipulative, belittling, cynical, know-it-all, self-absorbed, harsh, tactless, rude, discouraging, doubting, judgmental, self-deprecating, silence. Which one or two of these is still your nemesis?  Take turns laying hands on and praying over each man in your group and the communication struggle each has that God will help them do better. ...



November 02, 2022 00:44:41
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Holy Man Podcast - Episode 29 - Special Guest Mitch Austin

Life Group Questions: If you could add one trait/attribute/ability to your life, what would it be and why? (no super hero traits.) If you could remove one trait/attribute/ability from your life, what would it be and why? Read Psalm 139:13-18. When you consider these words, what does God think of you and what does he think of others?  How does God feel when we talk poorly about his amazing creations, whether it’s ourselves, or others? Based upon your upbringing, socialization, and life experiences, what are some of the groups of people, or traits of people you could potentially judge negatively? When this happens, what does it do to you?  To the person you are judging and your relationship with them?  Have you ever made a judgement about someone, only to discover you were wrong in your assessment because you didn’t know all the facts? Read Matthew 7:1-5. What are some of the practical principals of Jesus’ words?  What does the plank in our eye do to us if we keep it there?  What happens if we allow God to remove it? If you have the tendency to be either judgmental or self-deprecating, what is one step you will try next week to allow God to move in your relationships? ...



October 26, 2022 00:36:35
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Holy Man Podcast - Episode 28

Life Group Questions: What person has been your biggest cheerleader in life? Describe how she/he has impacted your life? Have you ever abandoned a dream or a course of action because of someone’s discouraging words, or their doubt, and later regretted your decision to do so? Read Joshua 1:1-9. If you were Joshua, would you feel encouraged or discouraged?  Why?  Would you feel doubt, or confidence moving forward?  Why?  What are some of the key words of encouragement and hope which God shares with Joshua?  In general, what words of encouragement does God share with each of us? With whom do you sometimes share doubt and discouragement? What leads you to share it with them?  How do you feel, and how do they feel when you do it?  Each man share one person who they will intentionally encourage this week, and how you might do it.  How will they respond?  Read Matthew 17:14-20. How big was God for the disciples?  Or their faith in God?  What is a “mountain” that God has helped you move because of your faith?  (Forgiving someone you didn’t want to forgive;  tithing;  serving in the church; leaving a job; asking a certain girl out, etc)  What is a “mountain” that you would love God to help you move, but at present you doubt it could happen?   ...



October 19, 2022 00:43:39
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Holy Man Podcast - Episode 27 - Special Guest Randy Tate

Life Group Questions: What is the harshest, rudest, tactless thing you can remember being said to you? What’s the worst one you can remember saying to someone else? Where are the places, what is the context, or who are the people around you, when you have the tendency to be rude, tactless or harsh with your communication? Read 1 Samuel 25:1-13. Nabal was harsh, rude, and tactless.  Why?  What are some of the things that can cause us to be this way towards others?  What are your thoughts on how David reacts?  Now read 1 Samuel 25:14-17;20-28. What does Abigail teach us? How should we respond to someone like Nabal?  Read Proverbs 25:21-22.  The enemy is the one who is rude or harsh to you.  What’s the lesson?  What does this tell me if I am the “enemy” or the one who is rude or harsh to someone? Read Matthew 7:12. How important is this thought from Jesus?  How does being rude, tactless, and harsh agree/disagree with this command?  IF we apply it, how does it affect our lives, and other people’s lives in those moments we are sometimes rude, harsh or tactless?  How does if affect us when others are nasty to us? ...



October 12, 2022 00:35:12
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Holy Man Podcast - Episode 26 - Special Guests Josiah Moerkerke & Levi Kissack

Life Group Questions: If you were on Jeopardy, what is one category of questions you would do well with? A category you would crash and burn?  How does it feel to be smart/wise about a topic of conversation?  How does it feel to NOT be? Where are the places, or who are the people where you could potentially demonstrate self-absorbed or know-it-all tendencies? How do people respond to you in those moments?  When you are with someone else who shows those tendencies, what is your reaction? Read each of these Proverbs. What consequences come to those with these pride issues?  What happens to those who are humble?  Proverbs 12:23; 13:18; 15:32; 18:1; 29:23.  How do you see this play out in life? If you must interact with a know-it-all, what are some things you could do, and some things you probably shouldn’t do? What if it is a self-absorbed person? Read Romans 12:3-5.  What foundational principals can be found in this passage to help us with these communication problems if/when we have them?  Now read Romans 12:9-16.  Paul shares many suggestions for us.  How do each of his suggestions practically help us to be more humble and less prideful and selfish?  How would each action build better relationships? ...



October 05, 2022 00:33:37
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Holy Man Podcast - Episode 25

In this episode, Paul talks about the struggles we can get into if we regularly belittle others, or if we are cynical people.  Negativity is part of both of these struggles.  And being positive is definitely better for our relationships. Belittling people, cynical people Life Group Discussion Questions: Everyone tell at least One thing good (positive) about your wife (or family member). One good thing about Wyoming.  One good thing about our present federal government. Is it easier for you to think and talk about negative, or positive things? Why?  What areas of life are more negative?  More positive? Read Psalm 1. Those who belittle others, and those who are cynical(mockers) find themselves in verse 1.  What comes to those who are cynical and belittling?  What blessings are promised throughout the Psalm to those who resist cynicism and belittling (among other sins)?  How does meditating on God and his Word change us? Tell about a time when you were belittled or a time when you belittled someone else. How did it affect you?  The other person?  How did it affect the relationship? Read Ephesians 4:29 – 5:5 The heart of this passage is in 5:1 “Imitate God” or “Follow God’s example.”  As you read the rest of these verses, what are some of the many ways Paul talks about our communication?  What blessings follow imitating God?  What if we don’t? What would it look like if you shared a positive comment with everyone you encountered for the next 3 days? With whom would you struggle to do that?  How might it change a rough relationship? ...