Holy Man Podcast - Episode 37

Episode 37 March 22, 2023 00:20:39
Holy Man Podcast - Episode 37
Holy Man Podcast
Holy Man Podcast - Episode 37

Mar 22 2023 | 00:20:39


Hosted By

Paul Baughman

Show Notes

Life Group Questions – Elisha sees life through God’s eyes.

  1. “I would have to see IT to believe IT.” What would “IT” be for you?
  2. What is the most amazing thing you ever witnessed? How was God part of that thing?
  3. In the Elisha story Paul talked about in 2 Kings 6, which of these was harder to believe? The vision his servant was able to see?  The army being blinded, then unblinded?  Or the willingness of the Israelites to love the enemies with a banquet?  Why?
  4. Read 2 Kings 5:1-16; Who and when are the different characters living from faith, and from God’s point of view?  Who and when are they not?
  5. What is something that your faith in God has helped you with in life?
  6. What is something that you struggle with in life that a better heavenly, eternal, faith in God perspective would help? What are you doing to help gain that perspective? 

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