Holy Man Episode 45 – Prudent

Episode 45 October 04, 2023 00:20:33
Holy Man Episode 45 – Prudent
Holy Man Podcast
Holy Man Episode 45 – Prudent

Oct 04 2023 | 00:20:33


Hosted By

Paul Baughman

Show Notes

Life Group Questions:

  1. Tell about something in life that you had to learn the hard way.
  2. Who is someone that you would consider to be prudent(living wisely)? What is it that makes you think that?  Do you feel anyone looks at you that way? Why or why not?
  3. What is an area of life in which you could use some practical life wisdom? Do you believe that God could/would help?  Read James 1:5-8.  3:13-18  What message does James share with us about God’s wisdom?  What does it look like?  If we grow in it, in what ways will it bless us?
  4. Read Proverbs 2 in small sections. Verses 1-4(what we are called to do) ; 5-8; 9-11; 12-15; 16-19; 20-22; In each section: What does it tell us about God?  What are the benefits of us gaining Godly wisdom?  
  5. Each person share what step(s) they are taking/will take to grow in God’s practical life wisdom.

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