Holy Man Podcast - Episode 12

Episode 12 March 02, 2022 00:27:00
Holy Man Podcast - Episode 12
Holy Man Podcast
Holy Man Podcast - Episode 12

Mar 02 2022 | 00:27:00


Hosted By

Paul Baughman

Show Notes

Life Group Questions:

  1. Confession time… Who is willing to tell about a sin they either did, or didn’t do in the past? How did this sin affect you?  Your relationships with others?  Your relationship with God?
  2. A couple of weeks ago, you were to define “grace.” Remind each other what grace is.  Why is this an important concept to understand in your relationships and in your walk with Jesus?  Does anyone have a Scripture passage that helps them to better understand grace or God’s unconditional love?
  3. What is something you like to compare or compete with others? (trucks, jobs, clothes, homes, sports teams) When is it fun to compare/compete? When is it not?  If we are comparing sin with others, what can it do in our faith walk?  What if we compare our sin to Jesus? 
  4. Have you ever felt like you were separated from God’s love?   Read Romans 8:31-39.  What part of the passage is meaningful to you?  Why?  
  5. Why is our forgiveness for our sin important? In the context of God forgiving you, why is it important to forgive others?  Possibly read Matthew 18:21-35
  6. Again, the three lies discussed in the podcast were: Who others think I am matters more than who I really am. My sin isn’t really that bad.  God could never forgive me for what I’ve done.   As you ponder those 3 lies, how does the phrase we close worship with each week speak truth into each of those lies?  “Jesus loves you unconditionally, and he died to give you new life.”  How important is it for us to keep saying it every week?!

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