Holy Man Podcast - Episode 9

Episode 9 February 09, 2022 00:21:02
Holy Man Podcast - Episode 9
Holy Man Podcast
Holy Man Podcast - Episode 9

Feb 09 2022 | 00:21:02


Hosted By

Paul Baughman

Show Notes

Life Group Discussion Questions:

  1. Can you remember telling a lie that caused someone some level of pain? Tell about it.
  2. What about a time when someone lied to you about something? How did it affect you?
  3. What are some of the statements, messages, and beliefs that were fed into your life that have caused some hardships?
  4. Read through Genesis 3:1-13. What was the lie that Satan fed Adam and Eve?  What could have Adam and Eve done to keep focused on the truth?  What did they miss out on because they ate the lie that Satan fed them? 
  5. Read John 10:7-10. If we allow Satan(the thief) to feed us lies that cause us to live his way, what does the thief bring us?  On the flip side, if we see Jesus as the gate, shepherd, etc, as he presents here, what does HE offer? 
  6. Going back to what was shared in the podcast; Read John 8:31-32. Why is truth important?  What exactly does it mean that “the truth will set you free.”?  Name one truth which you have learned from Jesus’ teaching that has helped you(set you free) to live a better life?

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